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ThingsNorth is a loose collective of Things Network communities in the North of England stretching from Liverpool to Hull. Originating in Amsterdam The Things Network landed in the UK in August 2015 and since then it has blossomed from Manchester to Calderdale to Leeds and Bradford to Liverpool to Hull and beyond. It’s ethos is one where everyone can join and contribute, building an internet of things network that is owned by all. A crowdsourced, distributed, commons-based network for the 21st Century.

What is ThingsNorth?

The Things Network

Originating in Amsterdam, the Things Network allows people to build connect devices and services using inexpensive, low power, long range components. It is a global movement of civic technologists from Boston to Bangalore. It is a full-stack IoT network built on LoRaWAN standards and backed by a solid, distributed, open-source infrastructure. 

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Across the North

Things Network communities are springing up across the North of England in Liverpool, Manchester, Calderdale, Bradford, Leeds and Hull. They uphold the ethos of open - ideas are shared, problems solved and support and help given. You can check out the Things Network communities via the ThingsNorth tab at the top left of the page.

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Owned by you

Anyone can join ThingsNorth - start up your own community, join up with an existing community, or just use the network for your own coverage. There's no contracts, no licensing, and low-to-no entry costs. Whether you live in town or country joining the Things Network can open the doors to a wide range of help and expertise, helping you get your ideas going.

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